Secret Bonus Scenes
from Grace Worthington

Dive into the latest bonus scenes!

Secret Bonus Scene

The Neighbor Renovation Bonus

From a lost ring to a NYC traffic jam that almost leaves the bride and her party stranded, this bonus epilogue includes hilarious antics of a wedding gone wrong . . .
until the final heart-melting kiss.

Secret Bonus Scene

The Second Chance Fixer Upper Bonus

The surprise that changes everything!

Secret Bonus Scene

The Mistletoe Makeover Bonus Scene

A romantic deleted scene. Hint: Kissing is involved!

Love at Wild Harbor Bonus Scene

Alex and Lily's Wedding Bonus

It’s a wedding and you’re invited! Join Alex, Lily and the entire Woods family for this touching bonus epilogue to the Wild Harbor Beach Series!

Secret Bonus Scene

The Inn at Wild Harbor Bonus

Read Jessica and Chase’s story of finding love again and revealing the news about the secret baby!


The Dating Hypothesis

What happens when you’re forced to team up with the MOST infuriating man alive for a research experiment on dating?
You make sure you don’t fall for him. 
Easy, right?
Not when it’s Mr. Romeo himself.
This sweet romantic comedy (that’s totally clean!) is a delightful, fun romantic romp that can be read in an hour or two.