Giving You That Falling in Love Feeling All Over Again

I love sweet love stories that renew your heart and refresh your spirit.

Grace Worthington

Meet Grace

I graduated from a small Christian university in the midwest with a degree in English Education. My goal? (Spoken with a British accent for full effect:) To teach young minds about great literature!  That was before I realized how much I hated grading (Ugh.) 

So I became a writer instead. (It wasn’t quite that simple but that’s the cliff notes version.)

Little known facts:

I went to college on a theatre scholarship and love musicals!

I did a short stint as a professional theatre actress after college.

Now I’m a mom to two kids (a teenager and preschooler) who keep life interesting and busy.

I love to read (always) and drink tea (in the winter) and coffee (in the morning). 

I can be bribed with chocolate.

Love at Wild Harbor

“This story is heart warming and memorable, with wonderful themes of redemption and letting go of past hurts gently woven into the romance.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Excellent read, romance that is sweet & thoughtful without being cheesy. I can’t wait to read books 2 & 3!” -Amazon Reviewer

My Favorite Things

Caramel Brûlée coffee

Hot Salsa and Tacoes

Day at the beach

All things target

The Princess Bride

Why Do You write?

I write to tell good stories and the power of unconditional love.

When did you start writing?

I started writing in college as an English major. I kept writing post-college and then wrote my first play in 2007. It won a state theatre award but it was too hard to write plays as a new mom. So I started blogging and writing Christian nonfiction. In 2020, I switched to fiction

Share your Morning routine:

I get up before my kids so I can drink my coffee and do my quiet time, reading the Bible and praying. After that, I usually put in an hour of writing, then exercise before I start the rest of my day.

"If you are looking for the joy of a pure romance, you’ll find that here. "

Love At Wild Harbor
Book 1

Grace Worthington epilogue

Summer Nights in Wild Harbor

Christmas Wishes in Wild Harbor